Have you tried affirmations and they just did not work? When you have spiritual blocks from other lives, affirmations rarely work. Once you clear your blocking and discordant energies, you will find that affirmations can be amazing. After the clearing work is done, I can help you write custom affirmations to assist you in reversing the discordant energies that were cleared and hard wiring in the positives that were blocked! Also, see my Affirmations & Prayers page.

Many Other Types of Services

I have lots of wonderful healing and self improvement techniques that can really jump start your life expansion. See my other services pages. I am sure you will find some others that will pique your interest.

Who is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) for? 

Spiritual Response Therapy is beneficial for Individuals, Couples, Families & Children, Pets, Property, Mechanicals, Equipment, Businesses & Business Owners. It tends to work best on Old Souls due to the larger amounts of unresolved energies Old Souls have accumulated and the fact that Old Souls can rewrite their Life Plan after they have incarnated into the physical plane.

What can SRT do for you?

Release subconscious limiting blocks to help you expand your self expression. Your life will become more prosperous, healthy and joyful.
Break your unwanted habits.
Release negative patterns and create harmonious relationships in your life.
Identify and release limiting beliefs and patterns causing illness and disease.
Release allergies and phobias.
Replace negative thoughts and patterns with empowering, life-enriching ones.
Increase your self-esteem and confidence.

What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

In the Spiritual Realms where we set up our incarnations, we know that we cannot truly die... so, having no fear of death or consequences, we set up programs and plans to experience extremes in positive or negative energies. It's no big deal, we cannot truly die. Everything that we experience, we learn from. Sometimes, however, the experiences are so traumatic or so profound to our incarnated selves that we set up blocks, negative programming, self limitations and vows that can be extremely limiting and that we cannot seem to overcome. We get stuck or we forget that they are old invalid limitations. This is called a 'solidified pattern'. Once this pattern has been 'created', we bring this pattern back in with us in each new life and body until it has been resolved. Spiritual Response Therapy is the process of clearing the soul's and body's Akashic records and DNA of these blocks and limitations.

I also can channel the vows you made in other lives. You can then verbally revoke them using the full name you go by in this life, establishing that you are not that other person anymore that made the earlier vows. This helps you to release the vows once and for all time, finally releasing them and freeing yourself from them and the crippling energies and limitations associated with them.

With charts, pendulum and Spiritual guidance, I will ask SPIRIT & High Self to identify & clear the old invalid negative programs, blocks & limitations that are preventing you from achieving this life's goals. Spiritual Beings will go to your Akashic records and neutralize the disharmonious energies associated with the experiences you had in other lives. They will neutralize the energies of discord and replace them with positive supportive programming that can assist you in this life's goals. If healing is needed as well, this will be applied if the Soul is willing to receive. SRT can be done remotely and can be done for anyone without them being present in the session, as long as they give permission at a Soul level. Without permission from the Soul, no work will be done. SPIRIT will not allow it. This work is done in a consciousness of SPIRIT & Love.

Some of the challenges from past lives are 'groundless' fears. In this life, there seems to be no reason for the person to have the fear. These fears are subconscious memories of past lives and were created due to trauma or death. Allergies and illnesses are usually deaths or trauma in past lives associated with the substance or similar substances or areas of the body that is affected. Illness and suffering can also be vows made in past lives.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. These techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care. These techniques are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making Doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your Doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments in case you may need medicines reduced due to these techniques.

All of these techniques can also be done on animals and all can be done at a distance.


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