Have you tried affirmations and they just did not work? When you have spiritual blocks from other lives, affirmations rarely work. Once you clear your blocking and discordant energies, you will find that affirmations can be amazing. After the clearing work is done, I can help you write custom affirmations to fit you reversing the discordant energies that were cleared and hard wiring in the positives that were blocked! 

Affirmations, Forgiveness & Prayers the Reincarnationist's Way

People who totally believe in other lives tend to think differently. So, we need affirmations & prayers that are formed for our beliefs & understandings. The word or term called ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian word ho'oponopono supposedly derived from ho'o ("to make") and pono ("right").  The repetition of the word pono means "doubly right" (or being right with both self and others). Psychology Today shared that. It may not be true but it sounded good so I included it. Ho'oponopono is a form of prayer used to forgive others we are connected to in some form. I am going to adapt it to the Reincarnationist's way. The original prayer is 4 simple steps: (Repentance) Im Sorry; (Forgiveness); Please forgive me; (Gratitude) Thank you; (Love) I love you.

My version follows MY understanding of the fact that most of what we experience in every life has to do with what we write into our blueprint for each life. In other words, we chose to be victims, victimizers and/or observers and many of us get so caught up in our prewritten plans that we wrote in the Bardo before incarnating that everyone forgets who we really are, including ourselves. So, we need to forgive ourselves as well & apologize to those we requested to do harm unto us. We need to remember who we really are, Powerful Creator Beings of Light, having human experiences of duality, polarity & discord. I must say, many of us are doing a REALLY good job of experiencing discord. Do you wish to constantly experience that? DO you think you have experienced this enough so you can past the tests? Oh yes! You forgot the tests, right?

Yes! Guess what? The tests are HOW YOU RESPOND to the dark experiences AND how you respond to the good things. Are you rallying & taking control of your emotions during the conflicts & discord? Or blowing all your fuses? Are you being graceful & loving when things are going fabulous? Or sneering at people & feeling superior? Uh, if the second choices, you are failing the tests & you will keep getting the same lessons presented to you UNTIL you control yourself & come from a place of Love and Gratitude. So, here is MY version of the Ho'oponopono with lots more forgiveness included. If someone tells you to do forgiveness, this will help you. The part about accepting forgiveness is something I channeled many years ago & have been sharing for the same amount of years to family, clients & friends.

I forgive myself for forgetting the plan. I ACCEPT my forgiveness. I forgive all others that forgot about the plan; that participated in the plan & all those I believe to have done me harm or wrong. I apologize for forgetting the plan. I apologize for blaming others. Please forgive me. I ACCEPT your forgiveness. Thank you, I love you.

Yeah, I know, it is lots more complicated but please REMEMBER, when we become OLD Souls, we are supposed to become more aware, smarter & we are supposed to become Creator Beings, use our Spiritual TEAM to create & manifest. Before, they were a crew but as we have grown in consciousness & alignment we Become a harmonious, powerful TEAM of Beings creating amazing things.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. These techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care. These techniques are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making Doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your Doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments in case you may need medicines reduced due to these techniques.