Deconstructing Discordant Thought Forms

I have found that deconstructing discordant thought forms with the Aka Dua has profound results. I have been using this more often for myself than JUST the Aka Dua frequencies. I am usually burning the discordant energies and transforming them into positive Aka Dua frequencies and mimicking the frequencies that are not included in the 7 Aka Dua frequencies.

The Seven Aka Dua Frequencies

Aka Dua includes seven frequencies, one of which is a mimic. The mimic is my favorite frequency.





Solar Jaguar



Unknown: Mimic ability


Aka Dua Energy Healing

I have received Levels, I, II and III in Aka Dua. Aka Dua is very helpful for strengthening, relaxation, pain, motivation, deconstructing negative thoughts, discordant thought forms, discordant emotions and feelings and bringing success into your life. I am still experimenting on the uses for it. I am now at the level where I can give initiations for people that wish to use the Aka Dua for themselves. Aka Dua is an Ascension tool. Understand that if you receive the initiation, things WILL come up but the Aka Dua and myself as your teacher and support system will help you through it. I like to keep in contact during the initiation period to help my new initiates through the connection, download and integration period. This is not a requirement by the teacher or the student. It is helpful though and I like to share experiences I have had to help you increase the power of your Aka Dua

Aka Dua is an energetic substance that is downloaded to the new practitioner. I will not give a history lesson but you can look up information about Aka Dua Healing for the history. Aka Dua needs to be used daily for a specific period of time to fully integrate it for your use. It requires dedication for it to become a powerful tool. This initiation period is the time it will take for the new initiate to fully integrate the Aka Dua energies into the physical and energetic systems of their bodies and minds. I am always open for questions concerning new experiences for my new initiates. If you are not able to use dowsing at the time of your initiation, we can include a dowsing training before or after your initiation to help you further your experiences and experiments with the Aka Dua. This is not a necessity nor a requirement. It is an option.

I have been writing many of my experiences down in files. I have consulted with other people that have used the Aka Dua and shared my info with them and they shared their experiences with me. I have been gathering information from new initiates as well. This will all be given in an electronic copy for free with the initiation. If you require a physical book, I will charge for the files to be hard copied and any delivery costs. This list of information is for the new initiate's use only. It is not for people that are not my initiate. If someone that already has Aka Dua would like a copy, I can send one for a fee. It is copyrighted materials so please do not distribute.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. These techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care. These techniques are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making Doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your Doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments in case you may need medicines reduced due to these techniques.