Affirmative Writing

When I work on myself & receive healing from other SRT practitioners, I tend to write the opposite of the discordant energies that we clear & use affirmations for claiming & programming in the positive words that may have been blocked. I have been known to write a page of affirming statements & then say these positive statements daily for an extended period of time. I clear myself daily as well during this repatterning & reprogramming. It can be very helpful.

Daily Healing

On a daily basis I have found that using some type of healing and clearing work every day makes a huge difference in my life. Try it! I give self healing/self empowerment techniques to all my clients that are interested in self empowerment.


Trapped Emotions

Sometimes the organs and other parts of the body have trapped emotions from this life and other. I have been using the Emotion Code chart with SRT to dowse the emotions and clear them. It can be very effective in emotional and physical challenges.

Aka Dua

I have received Levels, I, II and III in Aka Dua. This is very helpful for strengthening, relaxation, pain, motivation, deconstructing negative thoughts, emotions and feelings and increasing success. I am still experimenting on the uses for it. I have learned how to teach new 2nd level Aka Dua initiates how to do their own deconstruction of discordant energies for themselves or, we can make an appointment for me to do the deconstruct with an initiate or an uninitiated client. This will require planning; writing out the challenges, making a list of the energies the client wishes to reprogram in and choosing which frequencies and styles to use to deconstruct the existing discordant energies.

I am now at the level where I can give initiations for people that wish to use the Aka Dua for themselves. Aka Dua is an Ascension tool. Understand that if you receive the initiation, things WILL come up but the Aka Dua and myself as your teacher and support system will help you through it. I can keep in contact during the initiation period to help my new initiates through the connection, download and integration period. I now give Level 1 and 2 initiations and training for its use.

Aka Dua is an energetic substance that is downloaded to the new practitioner. It needs to be used daily for a specific period of time to fully integrate it for your use. It requires dedication for it to become a powerful tool. This initiation period is the time it will take for the new initiate to fully integrate the Aka Dua energies into the physical and energetic systems of their bodies and minds. I am always open for questions concerning new experiences for my new initiates. If you are not able to use dowsing at the time of your initiation, we can include a dowsing training before or after your initiation.

TAT - Tapas Acupressure Technique

This is a very good technique for mental and emotional healing. I can guide you on how to use it for yourself.

Emotional Freedom Technique Information

What Is EFT?

EFT is similar to massage and acupuncture without needles. It is more like a form of acupressure or a tool to release blockages, emotions, memories that are stored in various parts of our bodies in our bodies/brains electrical systems. It is a form of body work that works on the emotions and the beliefs we have hidden in our subconscious minds and areas of our bodies.

So, you may say, what electrical system? Our brains control the movements of our bodies. Our bodies have electrical systems that carry signals from the brain that produces a signal to tell our bodies, organs and glands what to do, how to do it and to tell it to stop doing things as well except when there are old physical injuries, emotional injuries and impingements blocking those areas the signals are trying to run through. 

Massage? How is it massaging? Massage has many different types of body work including tapotament. Tapotament is a form of stroke, pounding and tapping to stimulate the body. It is usually rhythmic, mostly fast percussion using the palms of the hands, the edge of the hands or the tips of the fingers. 

Lightly beating on the body with the edge of the hand is also called Hacking. Cupping is curving the hand in a cup shape and gently striking the body. With the fingers, you drum and twiddle them and lightly tap, for instance on the face where deeper and harder contact would not be best. Tapotament is primarily used to stimulate the endorphins, circulation and often to release or inhibit pain signals. 

EFT is hacking the edges of the hands together and using circling and tapping of the fingers on areas of our bodies to perform emotional releases where we have stored emotions in the energy meridians of the body. Studies have been made for centuries about the energy systems of the bodies and EFT is one of many ways to emotionally cleanse the meridians of old stagnant emotions we stuffed or accidentally imprinted in ourselves. EFT is a bit like resetting the breakers that were shut off or flipped due to over amperage in our electrical systems.

I can teach you how to use this for your own self improvement and guide you as well the first couple of times until you feel accomplished at it. Unfortunately, many of the people claiming to do EFT do not do traditional EFT. I myself have added some points of work. If you want strictly traditional EFT, I suggest you go to Youtube is NOT a good source of training unless you go to one of Gary's videos (emofree channel in Youtube).

Temporal Tapping

Temporal Tapping is a Kinesiology based technique. It is considered to bypass resistance of the subconscious mind. It is done on the right and left sides of the head around the Temporal-Sphenoid areas. Due to my own experiences, I have found that just starting out with one of the available techniques you can find may not actually work. I have found that muscle testing which polarity of each side of your brain is important before proceeding. Usually we use a negative statement on the side of the brain that is properly stimulated by the negative to strengthen the client and we use a positive based statement on the side of the brain we test as properly stimulated by the positive statement. If the client's brain tests to reject positive statements, I can use other techniques to rebalance the brain. Afterwards we test to see if the rebalancing is complete and which side of the brain is stimulated properly by which statements. We can muscle test the statements as to which ones will make the client stronger.

CranioSacral Therapy Information

Usually done physically, this modality releases tissue restrictions from the body so that the body can release old pain and restriction patterns that are from this life and others. It can be done at a distance as well. It frequently has triggered past life regressions or tissue releases to release hundreds of lives of torture, injury, deaths and abuse when used in conjunction with SRT.

SomatoEmotional Release Information

SER releases emotions stored in the body from injuries incurred in this life, primarily. High Self says that some injuries in this life are recreated from past lives due to the energies we held on the original injuries. This can be done at a distance as well.


This is a very good technique for mental and emotional healing. It can be time consuming. I would prefer to use the faster techniques first and use this if the other techniques don’t get it all.

Tissue Memory Release

This is a very good technique for releasing THINGS and EXPERIENCES that have left a memory in one or more of our bodies. Yes, we have the one physical body that you can see but we have many other bodies that travel with us from life to life, leaving three of our bodies behind after we leave the physical plane. Those three bodies were specifically constructed per each physical life we incarnate into. Once that life is done, we leave those three bodies behind and go back to Spirit and reconnect to Spirit and the rest of our soul family. We later will construct another life (in the Bardo) and three more bodies for that life.

After taking CanioSacral Therapy, I discovered my hands had a 'mind' of their own. They would find odd energy 'cysts' in the physical body and I found I could release those energies from the body (including the other bodies as well. I did not know that until later with a deeper education). These energy 'cysts' can be injuries this life and other lives as well. They feel a little like a ball of very active energy. I have found that I can do this on a surrogate 'body' now as well, like a doll, or a picture of a generic physical body. I use dolls and stuffed toys to work on people and animals now and therefore can do deeper work at a distance.

All of these techniques can also be done on animals and all can be done at a distance and on the phone.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. These techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care. These techniques are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making Doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your Doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments in case you may need medicines reduced due to these techniques.