All Healing is Done in the Spirit of Love

The work I do is not to control others or take away their journey but to allow them to move forward in their lives with greater strength and ease. We still have to do things, make good decisions, take care of ourselves, make good boundaries. The work I do will help you achieve your goals. You still have to make the effort to shift and change your life. I teach you how to recognize the obstacles so you can see and overcome them. This awareness helps you to remove, disassemble, speak/command and/or kick obstacles out of your way. If you need awareness and assistance, add it to your list when we work. Remind me to share these tips and tricks.

Learn and Grow

We are all here to learn and grow. The work I do and the things I teach are to help you realize that you are a Powerful Being of Light having a human experience. My objective is to help you achieve your own Empowerment.

Services Available Associated with Spiritual Response Therapy

Life Coaching Information

I can provide assistance in restructuring your daily life expression. This can include custom meditations & affirmations, releasing statements, revoking vows and Spiritual, mental and emotional education. You will also receive some written info on how to stay clear of entities.

Removing Entities, Detrimental Attachments and Energy Forms Information

Any entities found will be cleared, removed and sent to their most right and perfect place. The energies they left behind will then be cleared freeing you of enormous amounts of garbage you thought was your stuff. You will have the option to learn how to do this with your crew for yourself. I prefer to empower people whenever possible. I also can find and disconnect energy attachments that have been made by live physical beings. In this day and age of more and more magic practitioners, this has become a common occurrence. Many times it is deliberate, to steal other people's energies, to tap into other people to spy on them and to control others, or, just out of malice to cause harm.

There are also those instances when people do it accidentally. If we have power, we can accidentally hook into someone else. If you see someone that you admire something about them and make a comment to yourself, like, I want some of that. BOOM, you can make an attachment and steal some of their energies.This comes with a karmic debt, one that can be painful for you to pay off. This can be ESPECIALLY bad for you to do if they have power and find out. They can strike you and strike you hard. Instead, when I see someone I admire something about, I say: I want some of that for me that belongs to no one else but me. And I can create that energy for myself drawing from Universal Energies without stealing from anyone and without a difficult payback or repercussions.

Mind Meld Information

This modality restructures the brain, spiritually, in a way to promote positive thought processes. When restructuring is accomplished, the brain and mind (soul) are in complete harmony and working as one to promote greater blessings in life. Soul records must be cleared first. (Sorry, no, it has nothing to do with Vulcans or Star Trek)

Healing the Inner Child Information

When we come into this incarnation, we usually know the people we incarnate with and we usually have a life plan of the energies we chose to experience. Clearing the inner child blocks can profoundly change people's lives. We are imprinted at a soul level by the soul energies and verbalizations of people around us. This can even happen in the womb. This can set up blocks for our growth. When the blocks are cleared we are able to move through the places we were stuck and continue to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Spiritual Restructuring Information

This system is for people who are experiencing physical symptoms of pain and dysfunction. This work is done on all levels of our Being; mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. You will be pleased and astonished when your chronic physical, emotional and mental pains, problems and dysfunctions decrease or even go away.

This work can be done remotely also. With charts, pendulum, Love, kinesiology & Spiritual Breath, I will ask SPIRIT and High Self to realign spine, hips, neck, arms, legs, feet, cranium- all bones and muscle. Psychic wounds, programs, injuries, torture from other lives are cleared (as well as the negative energies you held on them) often freeing your body of chronic pain, dis-ease and dys-function.

In some cases I will ask for instruments-of-injury to be removed. This is due to holding extreme energy on the injury or death. You will have brought into this body, the tissue memory of the instrument (like knife, sword, bullet, rope, etc. ) held within your body. After removal, the body tends to relax and release the negative pattern and will often adjust itself. Frequently, organs and glands can be cleared instead of drugged or removed. A large portion of chemical treatments and surgery can be made unnecessary after these treatments are done.

These treatments are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments. Your medical professional will often be astonished at your recovery rate. If they ask how you managed to heal so fast, feel free to refer them to me if they are open minded to alternative healing. *wink*

Crystalline Restructuring Information

Healing of the organs and glands and of the mental, physical and emotional bodies. This creates major changes in life expressions. Soul records clearing and Brain/Mind Meld must be done first. Crystalline restructuring tends to automatically happen nowadays after B/M M is done.

Attuning the Spiritual Ears and Eyes

You must have your Soul Records cleared through New Paradym to access and clear and attune the physical and spiritual eyes and ears. We have multiple unseen bodies that also have eyes and ears. These will be addressed as well as neutralizing discordant energies on lives where abuse was experienced associated with using our natural and spiritual senses. This helps to increase your spiritual/psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual crew. 

It will help you hear what your spiritual crew is trying to tell you. It increases psychic hearing (clairaudience) and knowingness. You will more easily hear information for your and clients healings, education, awareness and guidance. Be aware that sometimes you will need training to hear your guidance better. Remind me to give you tips and tricks to increase communications.

DISCLAIMER: Not all people will be happy if they increase their psychic abilities. It can lose you friends as you become more aware of who they truly are and for some people in difficult situations, it can even be a burden. Be aware of this before you ask for an increase.

Increasing Spiritual Awareness and Guidance Information

We (my spiritual crew and I) work with you, introducing you to your spiritual crew (you have hundreds of beings assigned to you), educating you and them on how to keep you and them at peak performance, abilities and connection. We will clear their and your past life, parallel and this life blocks to fully and completely using your psychic extrasensory gifts and your ability to work stronger and more in harmony with your crew.

Everyone has these gifts, but sometimes other or this life traumas, happenings and shocks can block our abilities to fully accessing and using them. Be aware that at times you may not WISH to be this aware. So please fully consider what you may end up experiencing before you request the work to be done. For more information, please call me and we can discuss it. I do have a free five minute education for potential clients.

We can work on clearing all the chakras (725 of them), the 10 eyes, 10 ears, 13 bodies, 24 minds and the DNA and Chromosomes, the Akashic Records and the Soul of these blocks. Then we will do attunement of the eyes, ears and other psychic senses, if you choose.

This work increases psychic and spiritual abilities of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. See also Attuning Services.

Opening and Clearing Your Prosperity Channel

Everyone has the ability to channel energy and Prosperity. Once you have had your spiritual crew upgrade, you will receive Beings that can assist you in Creating and Clearing your Prosperity. I can teach you a method and meditation that works quite well for the clients that actually work on their own, requesting help from their Spiritual Support System/Spiritual Crew members. You can pretty much do anything I can. I have many clients that surpass me in many ways. Some people have stronger gifts in specific areas than I do.

I explain techniques that I have successfully used and let you and encourage you to shape it to fit YOUR needs and gifts. My job is to clear your blocks, educate you and assist you in remembering WHO YOU REALLY ARE and allow you to reconnect to YOUR Inner Power and Will. What happens after that is entirely up to how much YOU put into it.

If you find money still not flowing, write another list and re contact me for further clearing OR take the SRT class from a qualified SRT teacher and learn how to work directly with the charts and crews. Or both! You could also have me train you for dowsing and you can follow other charts and work through some of your challenges that way.

All of these techniques can also be done on animals and all can be done at a distance.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. These techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care. These techniques are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making Doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your Doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments in case you may need medicines reduced due to these techniques.