Preparing for Your Session

The primary content on this page was written to help new AND previous clients receive the best sessions. We use the lists as a way of releasing stored emotions and energies associated with the problems the clients are experiencing. Many of the times we use the lists, I am using SomatoEmotional Release and a form of Emotion Code on the stored, trapped, embedded, absorbed and imprinted emotions. It helps neutralize your reactivity.

The Prep to Work

My prep to work (preparation for the clearing work) is different from other people's prep to work. I have a huge list of things that comes up for most people (including myself) during most clearing sessions and say it as a 'prayer' to get started. I can actually feel blockages during the recitation of the prep to work and will point it out to you. You can often relate it to something on your list. In other words, I am telling you YOUR story. I also go through this prep to work to make sure people are willing and able to do AND ACCEPT the work. It is up to you to maintain the healing.

Spiritual Response Therapy Session Information

Before we have your Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) session, please make a list of all issues and challenges you are experiencing at this time; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual challenges. By challenge, I mean, things that bother you, make you upset or crazy, keep you out of peace and joy, get you out of balance, take you out of your zen place, things that limit your life, things that you have wanted to expand with/on but seem to hit a wall on or cannot progress on/with. Put on the list health issues, even if you think it is a normal thing and have accepted it, like allergies, intolerances, pain, suffering, constant medical issues, health limitations. Add to the list fears, things that trigger anger and anguish, anything you can’t seem to get past. Much of these things are rooted in past life experiences.

Sometimes we work on inner child issues. These are usually related to past life challenges but have been reestablished in this life, giving the person the opportunity to resolve those challenges again.

The List

Make the list with just short comments, a few words to remind you of the story. Please do not share your story with me until we finish the preliminary parts of the clearing (what I call my prep to work) and only when I ask you to give me more information on the subject. The preliminary parts of the clearing is where I clear blocking energies, upgrade your spiritual crew and the beings we work with to help you after our clearing work is done. I also check to see if I can actually help you with the challenges you are facing. If my guidance agrees that I can assist you, I will work until I get there is nothing else to clear on the list that you wrote which you still have not shared with me.

This does not mean that there is nothing else to clear. It means that is all I need to work on before we look at the list. At this time I will ask you to look at your list. A long list is good because many of those issues are really associated together. The list will show a pattern. The list is also so we can review it afterwards to see if the energies you held on the list have dissipated. This is how we can tell that your energies are clear on those subjects. This is why it is really important for you to have your list written before the session. Don't wait til the last minute and quickly scribble a list. Save the list somewhere it cannot get lost because when we have blocks to healing or releasing our challenges, the list will disappear. I save mine on the computer, my cell phone and on paper.

Many times I have worked with people who claimed they never got anything out of the session. But ever since I made them write a list and rate it, they see immediate changes on their reactivity. This helps everyone to be conscious of the changes that have happened during the sessions. It also helps me find those things that have not been neutralized yet. I am then able to target those things specifically. Your initial input/homework before the session ever starts makes your session all that much better and deeper.

Rating the List

After you write the comments/challenges/limitations down, to the right of the comment (or anywhere) please rate the amount it challenges you. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the worst, please post how you rate your reactivity with your comment/notation. (If it is REALLY off the chart, put 12, 15, whatever it races up to when you think of the situation) We will check later to see if the energies have been neutralized. If not, then we will research into it in greater depth and I will ask you to share the stories behind them. Sometimes during the stories, I will 'see' other things that are different from the story you understand to be true. More often than not, I will interrupt the story if I see you getting off the subject and/or if you are just re-energizing something we already worked on.

Why We Don't Tell the Story

I am not a psychologist where I expect to get paid to listen to the story. Telling the story can actually re energize the situation after I have already cleared the energies and will waste your money. Please mark out the things that have been neutralized and try not to revisit that previous issue or challenge except to write up amazing affirmations to enhance your clearing work and your life progression. REMEMBER, retelling the story can re establish the energies and programming! Do some form of repatterning. Ask how to rephrase your words so you will be free from reversing the work done. I can help you with affirmations if you wish. I call that life coaching and I do charge a fee for my time for that. Or, you can record (preferably) or write down the negative energies and blocks as they are being cleared, and later reverse the negatives and use positive words yourself to write your affirmations. If you spend too much time writing while we are working, the session does last longer and it will be charged on your time.

Past Lives Affecting Now

I often (but not always) will see past life pictures and will dowse on the accuracy of my vision. Not all lives are here on this planet and sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge translating it to our words, languages and experiences but I give it a go and usually tell you... not this planet, I am not really sure of my translation, etc. The reasons I see these things and wish to describe them to you or to do the research into past lives is because the soul holds a lot of charged energy on the life and experience. When you the person/human now hosting the soul hears the story of what happened and why it limited you this life, usually the soul and of course you the human can release the charged energies allowing you to let go of the challenge enough that when you find yourself where you were usually hitting a wall (that you could not even see), you actually can see the wall/obstacle, your way around, over or under that wall. It no longer blocks you. It becomes surmountable. Your ability to observe yourself has awakened. You do have to follow through with homework and changing bad habits/thoughts. Clearing energies and blocks is not all that you have to do. YOU still have to take responsibility in changing your life and habitual patterns. The work I do makes it easier to change. As I do the prep to work, I will tell you issues I see from what I am reading that you have. Make a conscious note of them and see if those are things on or relating to your list later. At the beginning of the session, be sure to have a writing instrument and paper or, if you type fast, have something to type on. You can also record the session.


If there are other people in your present life that you wish to share information with, please tell me so that I am allowed to share the information. Otherwise, it is all just between you and me. Also, if you have other people you cohabit or often work or visit with, including pets, please let me know so that we can upgrade all beings, otherwise, it can cause other disharmonies in the relationships. Then we make sure all are harmonized as much as possible (as they allow) within your time frame.


If there is a relationship we are working on, please understand that if the relationship is more bad than good, it can make the relationship go away and sometimes it can blow up before going away, especially if either of you is trying to hang onto the relationship despite it being bad for one or both of you. If you are not willing to allow good into your life by allowing bad to go away, it would be better for you to not have a Spiritual Response Therapy session.


I am not a Doctor. These techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care. These techniques are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making Doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your Doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments in case you may need medicines reduced due to these techniques.

None of the work I do can harm another being. I do not do magic or spells, nor do I curse people. All I do with the work I do is help you have a better attitude and the best spiritual support system to help YOU create a better life and learn in less painful ways; we clear discordant energies and blocks that keep us in a limited position in our lives. If you are interested, I teach how to protect yourselves with shields that your spiritual crew makes for you through your direction. These usually are the ones your crew considers to be best for the situation since they usually know the truth in the matter no matter what we believe. We work on beliefs, release old limiting, invalid vows, neutralizing discordant energies, programming in positive energies to assist, learn how to create with our new upgraded harmonious spiritual crews and learn to keep them being the best support system for you at whatever point in your life you are in. 


If you daily drink and/or use recreational drugs, SRT (and Aka Dua) may not work as well for you. If you do indulge, please abstain from using for at least the day of your session and it would be even more beneficial to abstain or limit the amount used for three days after the session. It might block or limit the effects of the work we do. Please tell me in advance of the work that you are using either so I can do extra preparation. Also, if you are on a lot of pharmaceutical drugs, please let me know. This might cause a greater degree of difficulty for the work and I will be checking to make sure the work is being fully accepted and integrated. Please drink plenty of water before and after a session to further support and integrate your healing. It can sometimes take as many as five days to complete the changes being made, but usually it takes about three days for full integration.

Need Clarity?

If you do not understand something in my preparation list or wish for a little more clarity, please contact me by VOICE phone or in Facebook by messaging me privately. The phone is quicker. I am not going to type up a whole lot of information. I will verbally tell you though. Home phone does not receive texts. I do not get Facebook on any of my phones so you may have a long wait time for a reply if you message me in Facebook. Please contact me through my listed work number for my private numbers. Thank you!

My Motivations

My motives for doing this work is to clear blocks to positive energies and clear discordant energy programming so you can experience more joy, peace and happiness and a more expanded life. After all, we all live on the planet (including me!) and our energy tends to charge and load, funk up, darken and make the planetary energies denser all over and difficult to deal with. The more we all are at peace and the less we radiate discord, the happier the planet AND WE can be. It makes it easier on ME and all other Sensitives to handle the planetary energies. YOU can make a difference. Thank you for your interest in my work and healing.