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Spiritual Assistance

During the Coronavirus situation I will be offering a discount for Spiritual Response Therapy to all clients due to so many people being unable to deal financially and emotionally with this pandemic. My usual phone sessions for $120 per hour will be discounted according to dowsing. These discounted sessions will cover people's fears about them or loved ones contracting the virus, their financial fears concerning the virus situation and how the viral situation is or may be affecting their lives. I will also apply healing energies for people experiencing physical issues due to illness.

These sessions will include Spiritual Response Therapy and probably Aka Dua healing technique and possibly EFT and Spiritual Restructuring if necessary. These sessions will include upgrading your spiritual crew and how to better communicate with them and understand when they are trying to communicate with you.  We may also do a financial meditation where you can learn to help your money flow (this is free, off the clock). This Covid discount does not include other challenges but other issues can be added onto the session. Other therapies may be included.

I also normally give certain discounts including senior citizen discounts to people that have financial challenges they did not cause themselves. Discounts do not get added together. I take paypal but I charge for the paypal fee. The fees will be paid under services, not friends and family. Donations are accepted but only if I offer work for free. Tips are always welcome.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. These techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care. These techniques are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making Doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your Doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments in case you may need medicines reduced due to these techniques.