Temporal Tapping

I was complaining to a friend about some issue I had that was bothering me and him also being a healer mentioned a technique he knew that might help me (Temporal Tapping). So I looked it up. And tried it. Nothing happened. So I researched more videos. The videos I found all seemed to be different. And old! So I did lots more research in documents until I hunted down the original  source of Temporal Tap. Dr George Goodheart is the man that originated the Temporal Tap as part of Kinesiology training. I have had a little Kinesiology training and intend to get more. One of my first trainers actually cheated when doing some of the tests (to sell his products) so I had a little distrust of it after that. I can generally tell when someone shifts their technique and that is what he did to register a strong test to indicate the person needed that product he was selling. I quit his course after he did that. I have been to many people that have done muscle testing and only two tried to trick me. I had a different therapist also try that technique of registering a false positive to sell her products and never went back to her either. Because of those people I learned different muscle testing and dowsing techniques that are easier to perform by myself.

For my own use, I had to dowse to check which one of these several Temporal Tap techniques I found described would work for me but due to my suspicious nature from past experiences, I had a friend come by and muscle test the techniques with me. I requested he use a specific technique you can't cheat on. Turns out I was unable to do a positive affirmation tapping and could only do a negative statement and a positive statement with no or not included to make it work for me, which is what I got when I dowsed and muscle tested and so did my friend. I assume it was due to previous brain challenges I have had since birth as well as past life challenges. I paid a certified Spiritual Response therapist (SRT) to check out our tests and she also got that I could not Temporal Tap (TT) in a positive affirmation. My friend and I and also the SRT consultant all did test that I COULD EFT tap in the positive affirmations. I did not want that so the SRT consultant worked on WHY I could not accept the TT positive taps. I felt it changing my brain. It was cool! I had experienced dyslexia part of my life but I thought I had corrected it with CranioSacral Therapy and SRT. Apparently we took my brain to a new level of brain restructuring. 

After she completed the clearing work, I had her dowse again on which of the several techniques that were claimed would actually work for me. I finally was able to accept one of the positive affirmation techniques. So, if we do Temporal Tap Technique, we will dowse on which technique will work for you. If it is all negative inputs, we can do brain restructuring with SRT to correct the issues then dowse again to see which one works best for you. I also know how to do Energetic Brain Restructuring techniques but I was not completely neutral when I was working on my own self. I knew this specific lady would be totally neutral having worked with her many times. I have no issues with neutrality for clients.

I was getting there are 6 different techniques including the double negatives. If the client tests for either of the two double negatives, I will offer them the clearing and restructuring work. If they choose to not do the clearing and restructuring work, I can also teach them how to tap in the positive affirmations with EFT. 

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. These techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care. These techniques are completely compatible with all medical procedures and medications. They are not to be regarded as making Doctor interactions unnecessary. Please do make your Doctor aware that you are using alternative treatments with his/her traditional treatments in case you may need medicines reduced due to these techniques.